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From unique curated individual and group experiences to show stopping Conventions and Special Events, 2xceed is at the forefront of bespoke business and travel impressions.

From unique curated individual and group experiences to show stopping Conventions and Special Events, 2xceed is at the forefront of bespoke business and travel impressions.

When dreams become a Destination

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Luxury Leisure Travel

We are here to work on all aspects of your client holiday requirements, from the airport assistance, VIP transportation, hotel reservations, activities, private touring in languages that your client requires, all the way through to booking you the best entertainment and restaurants. We work with you to ensure we offer you the best tailor-made holiday experiences using our years of knowledge in the region, as well as creating innovative and different touring itineraries as product changes and new entertainment comes to life.

  • Strong Customer Centric team

  • Excellent local knowledge to support you with any itinerary

  • Great negotiation skills to ensure pricing is on par

  • Exemplary relationships with hotels, attractions and suppliers to make your client itineraries come to life

Member of
"Having recently returned from a combined business / leisure trip to Dubai I just want to say a big thank you to the team at 2xceed for helping make the trip as seamless as possible. From the airport transfer to the return, everything ran smoothly. Once my business was finished, they had some excellent recommendations on activities to do once we got bored of the pool and even managed to organise a great local meal in the desert to help get us through a lazy Sunday. Will definitely use again the next time I’m in town!"

Simon M. | Client, Colchester, UK

Special Events

We create custom group and individual itineraries to the most though after events in the Region. From EXPO2020, to the world’s richest Horse Race- the Dubai World Cup, the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi & Bahrain or the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Doha, Qatar,  VIP logistics and cutting edge hospitality and entertainment are the key ingredients to a memorable enthusiast experience. Your itineraries will benefit from our partnerships to the respective venues and organizers. Contact us today to secure your series of VIP return charter tickets from Dubai to Doha  for the matches of your ticket series and the accompanying destination program.

Ignite the Fan spirit in 2022

VIP hospitality and ground program for major Sporting events.

"From the very bottom of my heart, thank you for making our event a massive success."

Maya Shor | Head of Global Events, Travelport

When your Brand starts talking…

…the experience will be captivating.

Meetings & Incentives

Our Meetings & Incentives are as unique as the clients we design them for. The program concepts are drawn from you, our customers. Request your proposal today, that is:

  • Prepared by Multi award winning team of Project Consultants

  • With a deeper understanding of your mission and message and their translation into destination experiences

  • Featuring Impactful live-through moments that drive both loyalty and motivation of your employees or customers

  • Always protective of your brand standards and the successful operational delivery of your objectives across the various cultural qualities

"2xceed runs a highly professional team full of passion and enthusiasm. From the time of booking to the drop off at the airport the attention to detail and consideration of my clients’ needs and  special requests were superb. They were able to create out of the ordinary experiences that my clients never dreamed of doing in their lifetime.  Their knowledge of the destination was far beyond my expectations, there is nothing ordinary about 2xceed!"

Renee | Travel Agent, The Travel Stylist UK

Congress & Exhibitions

World Conferences and Exhibitions are becoming in-Person Live Events again. The value of face to face interaction in international collaboration cannot be overstated. Talk to us to take your meetings global again, with:

  • Highly safely rated Event Destinations that are accessible by non- stop flights for nearly 75% of the world population (UAE)

  • State of the Art Meeting and Convention Venues

  • Professional delegate registration and management programs

  • Exhibition Setup and Event Productions and staffing

  • Sponsorship and Government Programs

  • Hybrid connection of remote audiences

Take your message to global audiences

When conversations become experiences

"The support that you provided us ensured that our event ran smoothly with no gaps and obstacles and wanted to say a big Thank You."

Youssra Eladany | MEA PSC HR Director, Procter & Gamble

Creating perfect moments

Our craft and our passion

Event Logistics

They famously say: It’s who you know … ! The team at 2xceed is set to become your trusted resource for everything surrounding the setup and logistic of your event. With our expansive network government and private sector partners we become your local liaison partner for the budgeting, sourcing and coordination of:

  • Access, Transportation and Permissions and VISAs

  • Venue sourcing and booking

  • Set up, Event Décor and Entertainment

  • Hostesses and related services

  • Branding and gifts

"We were impressed from the beginning of the process. Your proposal was spot on and the communication was timely and professional. I wish you had teams in Europe and the Americas. I’d send them all to you and only you based on our client’s feedback."

Leci Valdes | Manager, Global Accounts, HelmbsBriscoe

Team Building

Get everybody in on the action! We want to challenges your organization to what it can achieve, when co- workers become team mates. While the numbers may vary from 5 participants to 5000 the goal remains the same.  Connecting teams and their management by bringing them together in a different environment, challenging their interpersonal skills and ignite their passion. Team building format vary in focus can be set in both a formal or a casual environment and include physical and/ or mental challenges

One must be challenged…

…to exceed

We must preserve…

…what we love the most

Corporate Social Responsibilty

We strive to incorporate green methods in our events for a better planet. Our approach to business is guided by commitments to the following principles: Leadership, Inclusivity, Transparency, Integrity and Continuous Improvement.


The Arabian Gulf is bordered by 8 countries that are of profound cultural and historic background that have continuously stunned the world with their powerful force ability of transformation. From ancient tales of 1001 nights and the lived live history of the 14th Century Silk Route to the discovery of Oil and its consequent boom in the 1960s and 70s, the Arabian Penninsular has been developing to become a global hub on the cross roads of Europe, Africa and Asia. With a strong sense of hospitality and culture diversity , that is woven into the DNA of Nations and its People, the Region today has become home to some of largest Transportation hubs with modern and innovative infrastructure and most thought after  Business Tourism and Event Destinations.


Dubai is full of contrasts. There's the glittering skyline, made up of skyscrapers so tall they defy imagination; the modern collection of stores and eateries, offering up every kind of option a traveler could possibly want; and the luxurious hotels, ready to welcome even the most discerning traveler in style and excess.

Then there's the desert with its rolling hills of sand stamped with the footprints of Arabian oryx and gazelles; the souks with their labyrinth of stalls, bins overflowing with a rainbow of spices, the scent filling the air; and the traditional abra boats ferrying riders across the Dubai Creek. 
The city has sprouted up from its desert port beginnings to become a sprawling metropolis full of vibrant neighborhoods, record-setting buildings, and over-the-top shopping centers all in the last several decades.

Today, Dubai can be fast and slow at the same time—a place to grab an avocado toast and relax on the beach, a place to appreciate a desert conservation reserve, and a place to shop 'til you drop or party the night away all in the same day.

It's these contrasts that make the city as dynamic and interesting as it is, and so much fun to explore.

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi: Destination of Choice for your Event.
After four decades of developing, the present and the future, and it’s remarkable growth, and development, the UAE is now the nexus between west and east, the developed and developing, the present and the future, and it is the meeting point between ancient and modern. In the UAE futuristic cities live hand in hand with ancient treasures. The wealth created by our country’s natural resources now funds some of our world’s most promising new green technologies. Our young generation is growing up highly educated but still embracing their rich traditions. This is a destination where the past is preserved, cherished and respected while the future is meticulously planned and considered.

A True Combination of Old and New
Abu Dhabi is without a doubt a destination of the 21st century. An emirate rich in archaeological finds, today’s people enjoy living in modern, technologically advanced surroundings. Abu Dhabi is a city with a modern day flare of extraordinary skyscrapers, shopping malls, luxury hotels, one-of-a-kind attractions and picturesque gardens; with its foundation solidly rooted in a rich one-of-a kind cultural and historical background. Abu Dhabi is in constant transformation and in the lead up to the event, a number of mega mixed-use developments will shape the new landscape and skyline of Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi’s culture is firmly rooted in the Arab region’s Islamic traditions, a shining example of Islam’s true commitment to tolerance and hospitality. Foreigners are free to practice their own religion, and women face absolutely no restrictions. The attitude towards dress is liberal throughout the Emirates, though a healthy amount of respect for local customs is welcomed and appreciated. Among the most highly prized virtues of the Arab world are courtesy and hospitality, and visitors are sure to be charmed by the genuine friendliness of the Emirati people. Despite the speed of economic development over the last 30 years, Abu Dhabi continues to promote traditional cultural and sporting events, such as falconry, camel racing and traditional dhow sailing.


The Sultante of Oman welcomes your group

A bit of Introduction
-Oman is the ultimate destination for cultural tourism in the Gulf Region. This is where you will find hundreds of castles, forts and museums dating back to the various historic epochs.
For nature lovers, there are white sandy beaches that extend as far as the eye can see, often modulating into shimmering golden sand dunes surrounding refreshing oasis. 
Oman diversity provides a variety of adventures and options available: from desert activities to water sports and the other nature activities 
Oman’s history tells stories of heroism, courage, wisdom, patriotism, love and devotion to homeland. This brings us closer to understanding the richness of the Omani culture experience which has contributed of Modern Oman  Oman’s capital is MuscatOman constitutes of nine Governorate The country’s official language is Arabic, Swahili and English are commonly spoken Oman’s currency is OMR (Omani Riyals) Oman’s official religion is Islam 


Bahrain's History
The past and the future clash in wonderful sceneries, relaxed private beaches, impressive constructions and a sizzling, lively atmosphere. We recommend to discover ancient architecture, with the spirituality of the mosques and indulge everyone senses with the most fascinating traditional dishes in one of the many souqs.

Bahrain also offers one of the most thrilling shopping experiences you could ask for.Asan economy that built its foundation on the pearl industry long before oil was discovered, this is the perfect place to go in search of the most exquisite pieces of jewelery.

Bahrain– The Island
Not only does Bahrain boast of its desert heritage but it takes immense pride in being an island as well. This means taking a walk along its beautiful beaches, cruising the clear waters on a yacht and getting your adrenaline high with an abundance of water sport activities to choose from.F1in Bahrain  Bahrainis home to the Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix that takes places everyMarch and is the opening race of the Formula 1 season.


Known for its melting pot of cultures, a thriving tourism scene and a mix of the old world and the new, Qatar is a fascinating country to explore.

You can learn about the ancient pursuit of falconry, watch camels’ race across the desert and admire traditional dhows bobbing on the water. But the country is developing rapidly, with the capital Doha a world-class city I the making, thanks to its spectacular modern skyline peerless Museum of the Islamic Art, the new Qatar National museum, a fine and expansive traditional souq, and burgeoning arts and culinary scenes, On ay given day you could sample a portfolio of sophisticated restaurants and then watch the sun set over sand dunes that seem to spring from a fairy tale.

As Qatar prepares to host the 2022 World Cup, the country is observing huge changes. The 2022 FIFA World cup will be a tournament like no other. It will be connected,, green and personalized. It will be the first time the world’s biggest football tournament is held in the Middle East, and the first FIFA World Cup where the stadiums are so closely linked that fans can easily attend two matches in a single day.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi is a land rich in heritage, mystique, and romance. Explore the undiscovered places of Saudi.
Culture Saudi Arabia’s rich heritage and traditions have been shaped by its position as a historic trade hub and the birthplace of Islam. In recent years, a Kingdom has undergone a significant cultural transformation, evolving centuy-old customs to fit the contemporary world we live in today.

Language Arabic is the official language of Saudi Arabia and the primary language used in all dealings and public transactions. English serves as an informal second language in the Kingdom and is spoken by a large section of its society. All road signs are bilingual, showing information in both Arabic and English.

Exchange and transactions Currency exchange and transactions are easy in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia’s national currency is the Saudi riyal (ر.س SAR), which is subdivided into 100 halala.
You’ll receive notes in denominations of five riyals, ten riyals, 50 riyals, 100 riyals and 500 riyals; and coins in one riyal, two riyals, 50 halala, 25 halala, 10 halala, 5 halala and 1 halala.


Located at the top of the Persian Gulf, Kuwait is a country that has often been well-known for being rich in oil.Its neighbouring countries include Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq. Kuwait City is the capital of the country and is famous for its modern architecture. Kuwait includes modern day skyscrapers as well as ancient, beautifully built mosques, so it truly is a mix of modernity and the ancient times.KuwaitCity has numerous attractions which include excellent museums, a corniche ornamented with combed beaches and extravagant restaurants, modern shopping complexes and marinas, long and lazy retreats, and new beach resorts.

The Kuwaiti Dinar is the world's highest-valued currency.
Kuwait has the 15th-tallest sculpted tower in the world – The Al Hamra Tower
Kuwait has the 15th-tallest sculpted tower in the world – The Al Hamra Tower
Kuwait is the first country to introduce camel racing in 2006 with robotic jockeys onboard the animals.


Jordan at a glance
The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, a place which once captivated ancient travelers, continues to enthrall a new generation with it’s eclectic mix of modernity and tradition.From the enchanting starkness ofWadi Rum, to the restless city centre of urban Amman, and the majestic ruins of civilizations once forgotten. Jordan is a unique destination offering breathtaking sights, charming accommodations, and exquisite cuisine.

Amman, the capital of Jordan, is a fascinating city of contrasts – a unique blend of old and new, situated on ahilly area between the desert and the fertile Jordan Valley.PetraThe ancient city of Petra is one ofJordan’s national treasures and by far its best known tourist attraction. Petra is the legacy of the Nabataeans, an industrious Arab people who settled in southern Jordan more than 2,000 years ago.

“TheValley of the Moon”, depicted as Mars in several Hollywood feature films WadiRum is an Arabian fairy-tale waiting to be discovered. Home to nomadic Bedouin tribes, Wadi Rum is a a quiet getaway of stars, sand, and sun

TheDead Sea
A spectacular natural wonder the Dead Sea is perfect for religious tourism and fun in the sun with the family.

Ras Al Khaimah

With over 7,000 years of fascinating history and culture, Ras Al Khaimah is the perfect getaway from everyday life. Offering magnificent landscapes, breathtaking coastlines and rich, terracotta desert planes, the emirate has firmly established itself as one of the most authentic destinations in theMiddle East. Discover Ras Al Khaimah. Ras Al Khaimah is like no other Emirate. It’s the juxtaposition between ancient culture, rugged nature and breathtaking hospitality. Beautifully appointed hotels and resorts stand proud on the shores of the Arabian Gulf, nestled in the crimson folds of the desert dunes or the bustling city centre.Lavish hotels with five-star service enhance the world-famed Emirati welcome. Ras Al Khaimah has become one of the most sought-after destinations in the MiddleEast. Locally, it is fondly known as the Pearl of the Emirates and is internationally renowned for its inspiring history and nature. Travellers to Ras Al Khaimah can choose from serene-spa-luxury toknee-trembling-adrenaline-adventures and anything in between.Experience Ras Al Khaimah Trek the endless terracotta dunes of Al WadiPrepare for a rich cultural experience – from the beauty of historic mosques to the wonders of the National Museum of Ras Al Khaimah. There’s action and adventure for all ages. For the kids, go-karting and fabulous white sandy beaches. For the bigger kids, adrenaline-fuelled watersports, four wheel drive safaris and the World’s Longest Zipline and for all the family, desert camel treks, camping under the stars ands norkelling in the turquoise waters of theArabian Ocean. 


Not only customers originating from the Gulf, are availing of our customized programming services to any destination in the world, but also clients from around the globe that have trusted in our ability to understand and deliver the objectives, requirement and expectations that are unique to them.In times where international travel has seen its biggest disruption in modern history, the need for innovation and the professional re- development of bespoke travel experiences has never been greater.

Safeguarding the space in which your perfect moments take place or can be replicated in far away places requires both, agency of your interest and advocacy of your standards, that is understood and  provided by our team of internationally experienced Consultants and our on global on site partner network.

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